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    Unhappy Glogal Real Estate Services

    I had a call from a company called RR Donnelley Global Real Estate Services wanting me to do some commercial property inspections maily take some pictures and fill out their form. The pay isn't great but It could be a quick fill-in for short days.

    The question I have is: has anyone had any experience with this company.

    By the way it is cooler here today 84 degrees compared to the 108 we had Monday.

    Have a great day


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    Default Re: Glogal Real Estate Services

    They don't pay as well as home inspections, but you ain't really inspecting.

    Just looking around, taking a few pictures for the bank, and filling out the form. Pretty simple stuff. Even a realtor could do it.

    It's good for fill in if it's close to you and it's better than making NO money.

    Use the trips for an excuse to go marketing in the area of the building.

    I use to do 5 or 6 a month. Haven't done any in awhile. Guess they found someone cheaper and I'm too busy to mess with it much anyway.

    Try it. It'll give you gas money for your marketing trips.

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