Sorry, if this is the wrong thread area. I have a pellet stove in the basement that I'd like to move into my living room (one floor up). My question is that where it would vent out of my living room wall, there is an oil fill and vent directly below it (better than 4'). Does anyone know what the code in Massachusetts is for this sort of thing? Can it be diverted away? Is it even an issue? The company I had evaluate it (a chimney cleaning company that's getting into the pellet stove cleaning business) said it was a gray area and that I should contact my town building inspector. I did and he summized over the phone that it probably wasnt' going to be workable. I'm thinking of calling him back and asking him to send someone out to physically to inspect it. Well, if anyone has any experience in this area, as always the info is greatly appreciated. Kirk

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