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    Cool New to Site & Hm Insp

    Hello every-1, I'm Mike I going crossed eyed viewing all the various sites listing Pocket PC and Software.
    Would anyone give me the good/bad/ugly as to which is a good soild pocket PC you've/are using, and what software.

    any help greatly appreicated.


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    Default Re: New to Site & Hm Insp

    I have a HP Ipac that I do not use. I think I paid $ 600 for it new. Send me an email if you want more information on it $200.00 I was going to put it on ebay but never got around to it.


    Santa Rosa California Home Inspection - Exterminating & Thermal Imaging

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    Default Re: New to Site & Hm Insp

    Mike- Depending on your phone carrier there may be certain models of phones that can run the pocket PC. I use an HTC Touch with 3D inspection software. The HTC also runs windows mobile. So you might want to look into that system. 3D is a great inspection software.


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    Default Re: New to Site & Hm Insp

    Please make sure to check out our software. We were the first ones to have home inspection software on a handheld device over 12 years ago. I recommend getting the HP iPaq 210. It has a beautiful screen with great battery life. Please give us a call if you have any questions on our software. We are used by the biggest franchise in the country and have thousands of inspectors across the US and Canada that use our software.

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    I was in your shoes about 5 yrs ago. I have found that a Blackberry works best for me in the Chicago area. Software..I compared the major brands and went with Home Guage. Easy to use and great tech support

    Good luck

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    Default Re: New to Site & Hm Insp

    I just want to thank each of you that took time to send some advise my way ref HD Insp devices and or specific software.

    thank you all

    In North County San Diego

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    I went to my cell phone carrier and got a cheap phone with windows operating system on it just for inspections. I use InspectIt for my reports. If you would like more info on the software you can email me.


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