Tip 7: Subscribing to threads

Have you ever wanted to be alerted to a new post in a thread you are interested in even if you are not participating in that thread?

At the top of the first post in the thread you will see:
"LinkBack" "Thread Tools" "Search this Thread" "Rate Thread"
Select "Thread Tools" and in the drop-down select "Subscribe to thread.

If you are starting the thread or posting a reply to the thread you can look below the text box where you type, in the "Additional Options" section and select "Thread Subscription". In the thread subscription you have choices of:
  1. Do not subscribe (you will not be notified in any way)
  2. No e-mail notification (It will be shown in your "Subscribed Threads" section in you Control Panel but you will not receive an e-mail).
  3. Instant e-mail notification (this will send you an e-mail as soon as someone posts a reply. However, it will (should) only send you one notification even if there are many replies. It will send you one notification by e-mail until you click on the link in that e-mail to go to the post. After that it will again sent you one e-mail if there are additional post since the last time your read the post. Of course you need to be logged in so the system knows you are there)
  4. Daily e-mail notification (you will receive one e-mail notification a day of any new post in that section).
  5. Weekly e-mail notification (you will receive an e-mail once a week on any replies to that thread).
The e-mails have a link to go directly to the threads and a link to unsubscribe if you are no longer interested.

You can also go into your "UserCP" and Select "List Subscriptions". This will show you all the threads you have subscribed to and you can edit your subscriptions. You can delete them or change the method of your subscription.

You can go to "Edit Options" in your UserCP and set your default subscription notification. This way every time you post your default subscription will be applied.

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