Tip 8: Posting a new message or reply

I have overlook adding a tip for the most important part of using the InspectionNews Message Board, posting a new message/thread or replying to a current message/thread.

Posting a new message: If you would like to start a new message/thread then do the following.

  1. Start on the Message Board home page
  2. Go to (click on) the appropriate category for the message you would like to post (ie. Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, etc.).
  3. Near the top and/or bottom of the other threads look for the icon and click on it.
  4. Enter in a descriptive Title for your new thread.
  5. Type in your message.
  6. Hit "Submit New Thread"
Posting a reply to a current thread: If you would like to post a reply to a current thread then do the following.

  1. After the last message posted in the thread that you would like to reply to click on the icon.
  2. Enter your message and click "Submit Reply"
For additional information on how to use the InspectionNews Message Board look in the "Help" section (especially the first post "Sticky: Tips For Using The Message Board"

or read the FAQ's

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