In here I will periodically provide tips that will help you use the board more efficiently and therefor (hopefully) make your use of InspectionNews more enjoyable.

You will not be able to reply to this thread so that we can keep this list clean however I will post each tip individually in the HELP section in case you would like to comment or you have trouble with a tip.


Tip 1: Posting a new message or reply

Posting a new message: If you would like to start a new message/thread then do the following.
  1. Start on the Message Board home page
  2. Click on the appropriate category for the message you would like to post (ie. Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, etc.) from the main body of the page (not the left side menu bar).
  3. Near the top and/or bottom of the other threads look for the "New Thread" icon and click on it. Near the top of the page you will find it right under the sponsor's banner ad. Don't forget to visit the sponsors on every visit too. They are the reason this board stays on-line.
  4. Enter in a descriptive Title for your new thread.
  5. Type in your message.
  6. If you would like to upload a photo scroll down below the message section and follow the directions.
  7. Hit "Submit New Thread"
Posting a reply to a current thread: If you would like to post a reply to a current thread then do the following.
  1. After the last message posted in the thread that you would like to reply to click on the "Post Reply" icon.
  2. Enter your message and click "Submit Reply"
For additional information on how to use the InspectionNews Message Board read the FAQ's


2) Tip 2: Uploading your avatar (your profile picture)

Please upload a real (and professional) picture of yourself.

You can upload this by clicking on "User CP" on the horizontal menu bar and then select "Edit Avatar".

While uploading your avatar please keep in mind:

"Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 80 by 80 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller)."

If anyone needs me to crop and/or resize a photo for them just attach it to an e-mail and send to


3) Tip 3: Go Directly To The Last Unread Post
One of the common complaints about message boards is that you have to click on a category, click on the thread then scroll down and find where you left off.

There are several ways to go directly to the last post of a thread or the last unread post.

From the main page (you can always click on the InspectionNews logo to the main page) you will see Title of the Category if there is a new post.

To the right of that you will see the subject of the last thread posted in the last thread that was posted to (there may be several threads that have new posts but this is the last one) and the name of the person who posted it along with the time it was posted.

If you hover your mouse over the subject (Crawlspace vent fan ) it will have a popup that says something like "Go to first unread post in thread "Crawlspace Vent Fan". Click it and go to the first unread (by you) post in that thread.

OR, if you hover your mouse over the "Plus" icon ( ) to the right of the time stamp it will say "Go to last post". Click it and go to the Last post (not just the last unread post as in the link above.).

If you were to click on a Category link on the home page that indicates there is a new post (like: Title of the Category) it will take you into that category where you can view all of the threads. The threads that have new posts since the last time you visited will be orange and have a plus sign to the left of them ( Combustion Air ) If you click on the orange text it will take you into that post and leave you at the top of the page then you scroll down to the post but if you were to click on the Orange Plus icon it will take you directly to the first post.

There will also be orange text on the top of the first post that says " Go to first unread post". Click it and....

Play around with your new found powers and enjoy the easy of reading only the posts you haven't read before.


Tip 4:
Checking New Posts - My Morning Ritual

On the old board there was a listing of the "Last 50 Posts" which made it easy to check and see what was newly posted. We have the same thing (only better) on the new InspectionNews.

*** BASICS ***

This is what I do:

When I come back InspectionNews the first thing I do is click on "New Post" on the top menu bar. Rather than list the "Last 50 Posts" as the old board did now it personalizes it and list all the new posts since YOU last visited.

On that list your will see the subjects in bold and with orange check mark next to them indicating that you have not read the new posts in that thread.

Similar to the view and Icon short cuts from the home page you have the same convenient links here.
High Efficiency Flue Termination

If you click on the text subject title it will take you to that page where you can scroll through all the post to find where you left off.

If you hover your mouse over the orange "Plus" icon to the left of the text you will see that it says "Go to first new post". Click the "Plus" and go directly to the first unread post. How cool is that! ?

Once you read that post do not use your back button. Instead either scroll to the top of the page (short cut: just hit your "home" key on your key board) and click on "New Posts" again. This will ensure that you are viewing the latest new posts plus mark the post you just read as read (different icon and the subject will not be bold).

When you are done reading all of the new posts you want to read simply click on "Quick Links" on the menu bar and select "Mark Forums Read".

Now you have a fresh slate.

*** Advanced *** It's worth reading

From that same "New Posts" page you will see to the right of the Subject a paper clip IF there is a photo in the post. If you hover over that clip it will tell you how many pictures are in there. If you click on it you can view just the attachments without opening the thread. If you like what you see you can click "Show Thread & Close Window ".

The next column to the right on the "New Posts" page shows the day, time and who made the last post and a blue "Plus" icon.

If you hover over the name it will tell you how many replies that person has made to that post. If you click you will get the person's profile.

If you hover over the "Plus" it says "Go to Last Post". Click it and... there you go.

The next column is "Replies" It will tell you the number of replies. Click it and it will open a window telling you all the people who have replied to that post and how many replies they have made.

The next column is "Views". It tells you the number of times that thread has been viewed.

The next column lists the forum that the thread is posted in.

Now you have the power!

In addition you can use the Inspection Radio toolbar and be notified of (most) new post no matter what web site you are on. Program Guide

Tip 5: Uploading and/or Deleting Photos

Every now and then we upload the wrong photo or decide later that there is a better one to show or we have uploaded duplicates.

To keep the post organized (and save server space) we can delete or add photos to our post.

A) Uploading photos:
When submitting a new post or replying to one, look under the message text area below "Submit Thread". There you will see "Additional Options".

Click on "Upload Photos". There is a 10 image max per post. This includes photos and any other icon or smilie.

When you click on "Upload Photos" a new window will open.

Click on "Browse" and find the photo(s) on your computer you would like to upload. You can upload 5 at a time and a max of 10 per post (remember, including smilies).

After you have selected your photos click on "Upload" and be patient. It will say "Uploading File(s) - Please Wait". It will take a little time to upload since we are compressing, resizing and fixing your filename all at the same time.

You should not have to worry about meeting the file size and physical size limits (195KB) and 800x600 since InspectionNews is compressing and resizing for you.

You also do not need to worry about spaces in your file name like you did on the old board. This is also corrected for you. Some say this is the best part of the new board.

After the photos have been uploaded a link to them will appear above the "Attachment Key". PLEASE click on each photo and make sure they are the photos you wanted. If not, click "Remove".

If you need to upload more than 5 you can upload the first 5 and then select "Browse" and upload the others.

Again, please check to make sure they are the photos you want. This will save you from deleting them later.

After you have all your photos you just close the window. Your job is done. That's all there is to it. They will automatically go into your post.

Now go back to your message and click "Submit"

B) Adding/deleting photos in a current post:

If you forgot to add a photo or you want to delete one (please do delete if it's a duplicate, wrong picture or bad picture. Don't just leave it, it takes up valuable space.)

Go to your post and click "Edit" then "Go Advanced". Scroll down to "Upload Photo" (even if you are deleting a photo). This will open the same window as before. You will see your photos from that post. Click "Remove" to remove the photos you do not want. In addition, you can add a photo to your post. This is much better than posting another message. You know the one.... "Oops, sorry I forgot to upload the photo in my previous post' We've all been there but that is correctable now.

Did I mention, Please delete any unwanted/duplicate pictures in the same post?

C) Managing ALL your photos:
What we just covered was adding/deleting photos in a current post. What if you want to see all the photos you have uploaded in all your posts?

Scroll up to the menu bar and on the upper left click on "User CP" (User Control Panel).

On the bottom left column under "Miscellaneous" click on "Attachments".

Under the photo links click on "Show Thumbnails". Now you see thumbnails of all your photos.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Click on "Thread" to go to the thread that it is in.

Click on "Post" to go to the exact post that it is in.

To the right of that is a check box. You can check and click "Delete Selected" for any picture you wish to delete.

Now you have the power!


Tip 6: Spell Check

If you can not find the Spell Check button when making a post try the following:

If you are using the Internet Explorer Browser:

You should see the editing buttons like those in the picture attached.

If you do not, this is what you need to do.

Go to "Quick Links" (on the upper menu bar). Click on "Edit Options".

Scroll down to "Miscellaneous Options". In the drop down menu select "Enhanced Interface".

Click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

Do you see it now?

If you are using the FireFox Browser:

You should see the editing buttons like those in the picture attached EXCEPT for the spell check.

If you do not see the editing buttons this is what you need to do.

Go to "Quick Links" (on the upper menu bar). Click on "Edit Options".

Scroll down to "Miscellaneous Options". In the drop down menu select "Enhanced Interface".

Click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

For FireFox spell check:

Go to Firefox - Rediscover the Web , download and install the latest version of FireFox. (

Misspelled words will be underlined with a dotted red line. Just right click on the misspelled word and select the correct spelling.

Looks like the FireFox auto updater keep your current version of FireFox up to date but does not update you to the current version.


Tip 7: Subscribing to threads

Have you ever wanted to be alerted to a new post in a thread you are interested in even if you are not participating in that thread?

At the top of the first post in the thread you will see:
"LinkBack" "Thread Tools" "Search this Thread" "Rate Thread"
Select "Thread Tools" and in the drop-down select "Subscribe to thread.

If you are starting the thread or posting a reply to the thread you can look below the text box where you type, in the "Additional Options" section and select "Thread Subscription". In the thread subscription you have choices of:
  1. Do not subscribe (you will not be notified in any way)
  2. No e-mail notification (It will be shown in your "Subscribed Threads" section in you Control Panel but you will not receive an e-mail).
  3. Instant e-mail notification (this will send you an e-mail as soon as someone posts a reply. However, it will (should) only send you one notification even if there are many replies. It will send you one notification by e-mail until you click on the link in that e-mail to go to the post. After that it will again sent you one e-mail if there are additional post since the last time your read the post. Of course you need to be logged in so the system knows you are there)
  4. Daily e-mail notification (you will receive one e-mail notification a day of any new post in that section).
  5. Weekly e-mail notification (you will receive an e-mail once a week on any replies to that thread).
The e-mails have a link to go directly to the threads and a link to unsubscribe if you are no longer interested.

You can also go into your "UserCP" and Select "List Subscriptions". This will show you all the threads you have subscribed to and you can edit your subscriptions. You can delete them or change the method of your subscription.

You can go to "Edit Options" in your UserCP and set your default subscription notification. This way every time you post your default subscription will be applied.


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