Every now and then we upload the wrong photo or decide later that there is a better one to show or we have uploaded duplicates.

To keep the post organized (and save server space) we can delete or add photos to our post.

A) Uploading photos:
When submitting a new post or replying to one, look under the message text area below "Submit Thread". There you will see "Additional Options".

Click on "Upload Photos". There is a 10 image max per post. This includes photos and any other icon or smilies like .

When you click on "Upload Photos" a new window will open.

Click on "Browse" and find the photo(s) on your computer you would like to upload. You can upload 5 at a time and a max of 10 per post (remember, including ).

After you have selected your photos click on "Upload" and be patient. It will say "Uploading File(s) - Please Wait". It will take a little time to upload since we are compressing, resizing and fixing your filename all at the same time.

You should not have to worry about meeting the file size and physical size limits (195KB) and 800x600 since InspectionNews is compressing and resizing for you.

You also do not need to worry about spaces in your file name like you did on the old board. This is also corrected for you. Some say this is the best part of the new board

After the photos have been uploaded a link to them will appear above the "Attachment Key". PLEASE click on each photo and make sure they are the photos you wanted. If not, click "Remove".

If you need to upload more than 5 you can upload the first 5 and then select "Browse" and upload the others.

Again, please check to make sure they are the photos you want. This will save you from deleting them later.

After you have all your photos you just close the window. Your job is done. That's all there is to it. They will automatically go into your post.

Now go back to your message and click "Submit"

B) Adding/deleting photos in a current post:

If you forgot to add a photo or you want to delete one (please do delete if it's a duplicate, wrong picture or bad picture. Don't just leave it, it takes up valuable space.)

Go to your post and click "Edit" then "Go Advanced". Scroll down to "Upload Photo" (even if you are deleting a photo). This will open the same window as before. You will see your photos from that post. Click "Remove" to remove the photos you do not want. In addition, you can add a photo to your post. This is much better than posting another message. You know the one.... "Oops, sorry I forgot to upload the photo in my previous post' We've all been there but that is correctable now.

Did I mention, Please delete any unwanted/duplicate pictures in the same post?

C) Managing ALL your photos:
What we just covered was adding/deleting photos in a current post. What if you want to see all the photos you have uploaded in all your posts?

Scroll up to the menu bar and on the upper left click on "User CP" (User Control Panel).

On the bottom left column under "Miscellaneous" click on "Attachments".

Under the photo links click on "Show Thumbnails". Now you see thumbnails of all your photos.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Click on "Thread" to go to the thread that it is in.

Click on "Post" to go to the exact post that it is in.

To the right of that is a check box. You can check and click "Delete Selected" for any picture you wish to delete.

Now you have the power!

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