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    Angry have a question?

    sorry for my ignorance guys but I really need something answered. When my air handler was installed the condensation line was run directly to drain into my crawl space, it goes through the floor (air handlers location is in my utility room) and stops probably a foot from the floor and the water drips another foot onto the ground. Now what I am wondering is, if that code or not. A friend in KY said that code in that state says the line must be run to the outside of the house. Why I'm asking is that I now have a moisture problem going on on some of my floor joists and I'm trying to figure out what I need to do. If you can help let me know.

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    it should discharge to daylight .get a condensate pump and some plastic hose to reach someplace ..possibly the drain to the washer, a sump pit, a sink .
    or just extend the pipe to one of these places by gravity.
    Just a little more work and you will be fine.

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    The AC condensastion drain needs to routed to the exterior or be connected to an interior drain pipe or floor drain. You do not want this to drain directly into the crawlspace.

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    Any device creating bulk water should go the outside. Especially if you're having structural issues. but think twice about tapping into a drain. In this area, the utility co. frowns on that. The have to treat everything that ends up in the sewer system. The more they treat, the more it costs. The more it costs them, well guess what.
    Plus you want to see that line draining outside. That's one small way to keep tabs on your system. Mowing the grass or planting the flowers-yep, there's my drain and the system's on and there's the condensate water getting away like it's supposed to.


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