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    Default Foil tape on vent pipe

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    Default Re: Foil tape on vent pipe

    I have met very few (if any) real estate agents that were also licensed home inspectors, or HVAC contractors. So I wouldn't lose any sleep over the agent's opinion unless he or she can back it up with some credentials and credible experience.

    There is a reason the foil tape was applied, and since we're dealing with potential Carbon Monoxide problems, I'd report it as you did. Better safe than sorry.

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    Default Re: Foil tape on vent pipe

    There's other problems with that vent pipe, anyway. I don't believe that elbow should be connected directly to the furnace. There should be a straight pipe first.

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    Cool Re: Foil tape on vent pipe

    Need 12" rise before offsets
    need draft hood connector and screw it into the appliance collar which is conveniently located inside the cabinet
    Cannot be relied upon to secure the B-vent to the appliance, which it appears they are doing.

    UL 181 foil tape is for ducts- not vents. Its presence may mean:
    -draft/ CO issues
    -simply holding the B-vent together as sometimes it rotates too easily and won't hold position
    -peace of mind

    you could get really picky and say since it cannot pass ASTM E-136, it is considered combustible. The reality is the acrylic adhesive will cook off and the tape will being to peel away. It doesn't hold up. The cooking acrylic stinks and can cause eyes to tear.

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    Default Re: Foil tape on vent pipe

    Not sure what your looking at the pipe and the tape look very suspicious. That tape is UL listed for duct work, not vent pipe, there is no tape listed for vent pipe. I could not see enough of the unit but that pipe looks out of place.
    Good call originally let a HVAC qualified person take the responsibility.

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    Default Re: Foil tape on vent pipe

    I am surprised they didn't mastic the flue.

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