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    Default Flue and Plumbing Vent

    The flue vent and plumbing vent are directly next to each other. I would think that there should be some separation between the two, but how much is enough? I doubt anyone will do anything about it now anyhow. The plumbing vent is copper, if that makes any difference.

    I got the 2 feet above the wall next to the flue vent pipe already noted in the report.

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    Default Re: Flue and Plumbing Vent

    You also noted that was not a Type B gas vent cap, I presume.

    To my recollection (without looking it up) there is no separating requirement between the two.

    I am sure I will be bashed for not looking it up and will subsequently be beaten into submission for being incorrect.

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    Default Re: Flue and Plumbing Vent

    If that is type B-vent, then what happened that they replaced the listed termination with an unlisted one? Rot away from improper operation, blown away, damaged by roofers?? I would want to pull that cap and inspect the venting.

    I'm not aware of a clearance to the stink pipe (technical term) per se

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