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    Default Not sure how to write this up.

    Did an inspection of a 2004 two story track house this morning on a slab. The heat pump was a 3 1/2 ton on a damper supply to each level. The refrigeration lines that ran up to the attic passed by the master bath fiberglass bath enclosure. When the Ac was turned on both floors, the sound from the lines going to the air handler was distinctly heard through the tub/shower area in the master bath. At first it worried me because I could not identify the sound since it sounded like water running. I went and felt the outside lines and there was a slight vibration. The sound is a real distraction. The buyers are out of state and not present. The realtor opened the house and left. How would you approach this? Or write it up?

    Jim Murphy

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    Default Re: Not sure how to write this up.

    The description in your post pretty well sums it up. Add a recommendation to have a HVAC contractor check it out if they'd like more info. And, note if you saw leak stains or other problems where you suspect the lines are.

    Just reporting what you see will usuallly keep you out of trouble and satisfy your client's needs.


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