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    Cool How to inspect Heat Pump

    I have never had to inspect a heat pump in Norhtern NY. Where do I start and what do I look for. Does anyone have good references or tools they can point out to me. I am lost at this point

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    Default Re: How to inspect Heat Pump

    Rather than try to write an essay on this, I will just list the mistakes that inspectors could make and some general info.

    Don't run the regular heat mode before you run the emergency/auxilary heat first. This way you can more easily determine that the heat coming out of the ducts is actually from the electric strips and not leftover heat inside the ducts. Remember, you have three modes not just the regular cool or heat mode. (actually 4 modes if you count the mode where the regular heat and electric strips both run at the same time)

    Don't raise the thermostat more than two degrees when in regular heat mode because the heat strips will also be on and you could miss a compressor/refrigerant type problem.

    Make sure the branch circuit to the airhandler is large enough to handle the electric strips.

    Be aware that some newer units have outdoor temperature sensors and smart thermostats that can keep the electricstrips off unless the outside temp is below a programmed set point. Carrier/Bryant has this on some.

    Be aware that some Trane units do not have any way to view whats inside the outdoor unit from the top and some are just A/C condensors with straight electric heat (not a heat pump) these will have a regular thermostat with no aux heat or emerg heat mode selection.

    Be aware that you may not be able to observe a defrost cycle when running the heat mode (unless you take the cover off the outside unit and jumper or make a switch to force the defrost).

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