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    Default R22 vs R410 warning ...?

    Just got this email about R22 phase out with this warning ...

    If you have aging split system equipment that currently runs on R-22, replacement condensers for these systems can only be ordered up until September 1, 2009. After this date, all condensing units will come through with 410a. the big problem is, is that you have to mate a 410a condenser with a 410a air handler which forces you to change out the whole air handler. Something to think about.

    Does this warning about changing out the whole air handeler make sense?

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    Default Re: R22 vs R410 warning ...?

    Yep, well kinda.
    Yes, you need to change the whole system over to covert to 410a or go through a extensive clean up process because of the oil in the old system.
    But, the indoor coil is cheap and needs to be changed to match the new system anyway IMO.
    More marketing hype than useful information, again IMO.
    The truth that gets this started is the gradual wind down for manufacturers producing new equipment due to R-22 phaseout.
    Would I spend several thousand dollars now to save a few hundred in the future just to have a system that will operate on a refrigerant that is being phased out? Probably not, unless I was looking short term say on multi unit properties that I will be selling in the near future IF the units were old and would affect the sale of the property. Even then it is dishonest to replace the outdoor unit and advertise as NEW A/C units, since it is only part of the system.

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    Default Re: R22 vs R410 warning ...?

    For just that reason many have stocked up on "spares" and suspect they will be avaliable for a while for right price. FYI they push back the energy standards to Jan 1 2010 here in California too.


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