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    Question How Old is This GE Compressor?

    The seller of the Home I inspected today claims to have installed a new compressor last year due to lighting strike which killed the old one. I am just trying to verify this for my client but can't find the appropriate info. Can anybody tell me if this unit is only one year old or not?

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    Default Re: How Old is This GE Compressor?

    Reggie, that is a fan motor not a compressor and the age of the fan motor may have no relationship to the age of the compressor or condensing unit.
    I would go with the data plate on the outside of the condensing unit or if they wanted to know the age of just the compressor, you would need the serial number off the compressor itself.

    Jim Luttrall
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    Default Re: How Old is This GE Compressor?

    Agree with Jim on this. Fan motor is different than the compressor. Also the fan motor is cheap compared to the compressor. If it was replaced a year ago, then they should still have a receipt. Look for the age and condition of the overall unit not components.
    Good luck
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