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    Default Filter Slot over attic stairs

    You guys have any thoughts on the attached photo? I was checking the filter slot today on a furnace located in the attic and got to thinking about the location of the filter slot with respect to the pull down stairs. My concern is someone falling down the pull down attic stairs while replacing the filter. Any thoughts?

    I will likely recommend relocating the filter slot so that homeowner can replace while standing on attic flooring. In its current configuration the homeowner will have to stand on stairs or hang body over pull down.

    Also, this house had temperature differential of 30 degrees......i have never had one come back to high (or too cold) do you guys write this one up, if at all?


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    Default Re: Filter Slot over attic stairs

    That whole thing looks fubar to me. Why is the refrigerant line passing under the unit?

    Looks like a vertical unit turned on its side.


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    Default Re: Filter Slot over attic stairs

    They really need to change the filter location to the other side of the return air plenum.

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