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Thread: Made in China

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    Default Made in China

    This is new to me.
    Can anyone determine the date of manufacture and the BTU?


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    Default Re: Made in China

    Based on their current numbering system, I would guess 10 SEER 3.5 tons. I can't fiure out the year, but they are now on their E series.

    Give them a call.
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    Default 40,000 BTUH

    Search on "heat controller" and RSD1042-1Z and you'll find a pdf file on the internet with all their products in it. The title page says Comfort-Aire.

    This product is on page 13.

    - - 40,000 BTUH


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    Default Re: Made in China

    3.5 ton - year of the snake

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    Default Re: Made in China

    Year 2004--40,000 btu --10 Seer


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