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    Default Direct Venting through a chimney wall

    I have a chimney that will be, after we remodel, too close to seond story walls and would have to be raised to be to code. Instead, my plan is to convert the firplace to a gas insert, direct vent the exhaust/intake through the side of the existing chimney wall, and cap the chimney.

    Is this allowed?

    The fireplace is on an interior wall so it's not easy to direct vent to outside - until you get up above the roofline. The intent is to keep the look of the fireplace and chimney and vent it properly and easily.


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    Default Re: Direct Venting through a chimney wall

    1) install per Manufacturer Spec's; there is a fair amount of variance in combustion and venting on the different types of fireplace boxes available. It isn't plausible to make a blanket recommendation on how a unit should be installed. So once again install per Manuf. Spec's.
    2) The type of brick chimney, type of fuel that used to burn into it, condition, type of fireplace, what that fireplace will burn, etc. are all factors to consider whether or not that new fireplace can vent into the old chimney. Usually the answer is no.
    3) From what you are describing it sounds like you want to vent into the old chimney go up maybe one floor, then go 90 to vent horizontal out the side wall. Probably not allowed since most FP boxes restrict 90's in the vent run. Usually only an offset is allowed. You might be able to put a liner in the chimney and vent up and extend out the top with pipe. However, depending on run, unit and climate you may have condensation issues.
    Are you a DIY? You don't have a qualified contractor? Considering the potential dangers I suggest you hire someone who knows about these things and is familiar with installing the unit you are buying.
    "The Code is not a ceiling to reach but a floor to work up from"

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    Default Re: Direct Venting through a chimney wall

    as markus said "install per manufacturer".it would look bad to leave the existing chimney that is below the new second story and has a direct vent flue exiting out the side down low. raise it or raze it for a good looking job!

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    Default Re: Direct Venting through a chimney wall


    I'm only designing it, not building it. I'm trying to figure out what are my options. It will be built by a pro.
    #3 is correct. I've seen diagrams that show multiple 90s in a flue. But, I only know enough to be dangerous - that's why I'm here.


    You really think it won't look good? Maybe I'll raze the chimney up top, but keep the fireplace below. It would be a shame to lose the bricks and mantle, etc.


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    Default Re: Direct Venting through a chimney wall

    If its a DV fireplace consult the manufacturer about vent lengths and termination requirements. If its an insert inside a fireplace with 2 slinkies terminating vertically at the top of the chimney it can not terminate horizontally. The intake and exhaust liners must be inside a chimney and terminate vertically. Hope that helps



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