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    Well Jeff you know the home owner is gonna pour bleach into the traps on a regular basis, yeah right.
    This may be way off, but if the "T" and riser are on the coil side it would certainly need to be capped.

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    Ask the builder to show you where on a Label of bleach does it state for use on HVAC equipment?


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    Tell the builder that (a picture of what you saw would have been nice too) what he installed is a "service access point", and that what you are referring to is a "trap and a vent", and that with a "trap and a vent, the vent is after the trap".

    Then thank him for installing a service access point, tell him that most builder's do not do that (actually, I am finding that many are, but that way, you can end with him being able to puff his chest up a little ).

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