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    Default Commercial Restroom Ventilation Requirements

    Does anyone have references to commercial restroom ventilation requirements? The building is an office building with a 3 stall men's restroom. (Yes there is also a womens restroom, but it isnt an issue).

    There is a ventilation fan installed in the ceiling, however it is not working. No windows or other natural ventilation.

    Building owner doesnt want to fix the fan, says it isnt required.

    Not a client of mine, but a question from a friend of a friend who works in the building and finds it kind of disgusting. Looking for some type of reference.

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    Default Re: Commercial Restroom Ventilation Requirements

    Call the Muni. If the slumlord isn't willing to fix an exhaust fan what else isn't he fixing. Being an office building many people could be in danger for various reasons. Does your Muni have an annual inspection process for Comm buildings? Vent requirements are probably no less than for Res. Weird, my IRC is here but my IBC isn't. Have to look for it. I'm sure someone will be faster than me. Besides its football time.
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    Default Re: Commercial Restroom Ventilation Requirements

    From the IMC, Table 403.3
    - Public spaces
    - - Toilet rooms g h
    - - - 75 cfm per water closet or urinal
    g. Transfer air permitted in accordance with Section 403.2.2.
    h. Mechanical exhaust is required and recirculation is prohibited except that recirculation shall be permitted where the resulting supply airstream consists of not more than 10 percent air recirculated from these spaces (see Section 403.2.1, Items 2 and 4).

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    Default Re: Commercial Restroom Ventilation Requirements

    Thanks Jerry. Two more posts and you will break 15000. *maybe you already did on a another thread, I just looked at mine.

    Markus - worst thing about it is the building isnt what you would perceive as a slum. Its a very nice looking building. I think your right though about the owner probably not fixing other things.


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