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    Default Improper sidewall vent

    This is incorrect right? This vent looked like it was intended for vertical use.

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    Default Re: Improper sidewall vent

    Looks like a unit heater. Different unit heater models and Manuf. allow for different vertical and horizontal pipe lengths. I would suggest looking up the Model # and checking install requirements.
    I would recommend a couple more clamps for the gas line. I would also recommend my client install 5/8" firecode rock around the unit or fire coat the OSB at the least. Depending on conditions unit heaters can have some flame roll out at times.
    Can't tell from the pic, is there enough clearance to the ceiling OSB? Did you pull the collar away from the wall to make sure there is sufficient clearance to the pipe/OSB?
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    Default Re: Improper sidewall vent

    I would try to verify that the termination cap is correct for the horizontal installation.

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    Cool Re: Improper sidewall vent

    B-vent is not approved or intended for atmospheric sidewall venting. It can be used on a sidewall if you have a sidewall termination that is approved by the appliance mfr. that puts the vent under negative pressure. It can never be used under positive vent pressure. This appears to have storm collars inside and out instead of a listed wall penetration (thimble). It can penetrat the sidewall then vent vertially but not stop at a soffit or garrison.

    BTW, this brand has been a bit of a problem. Only 2 pages of installation instructions? That tells you something. I've installed a few thousand feet of it and hate it. It snap-locks together so it cannot be disassembled without damage. Caps fly off in wind. Inner sections separate from outers. I believe the parent company was bought out by the Chinese but am checking on that.

    Good catch,

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    Default Re: Improper sidewall vent

    Lets see, clearance to combustables, improper use of rain collar, improper termination, termination too close to window, hey at least the unit is over 18" above the floor.


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