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    Default Venting to patio

    I beleive this is incorrect, however I could only find something about condensate in the fuel gas code. Anything else in the codes I could use?

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    Default Re: Venting to patio

    The fitting on the left looks to be a concentric fitting, so I will guess it is for the furnace. If that is the case, is the fitting on the right exhaust for a high efficiency water tank?
    If the right fitting is for a water tank, I would write it up as dangerous and hazardous. Location of both exhausts is obviously very poor but ... assuming the left one is for a furnace, people probably won't be out there much when it is on. If the right one is for a water tank, people will be out there when it is on. Either way it's a poor and potentially hazardous installation.
    Imagine someone falls asleep in that chair while everyone else is taking showers or the furnace is running. That's a lot of contamination to breath in on a calm day. The chair near the exhaust is a 'money shot'.
    If they leave those, advise client to install screens on the pipe. Kids love to put stuff into pipes like that.
    Normally a stone bay like that indicates a fireplace. Is there a fireplace unit located in that stone bay? If so, do the vent pipes have sufficient clearance to the heat source?
    Sorry, don't know what Code NJ is under.
    "The Code is not a ceiling to reach but a floor to work up from"

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    Default Re: Venting to patio

    I have a very similar photo. This is in my opinion a very poor placement decision, but could find nothing in the codes which restricted exhausting onto a patio, outisde of distance restrictions from building openings. (windows/doors)

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    Default Re: Venting to patio

    Since codes defer to manufacturer specs why would you try to reference code?

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