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    Default Water heater venting

    I encountered an add-on balcony from a master suite today built over an existing roof. The water heater is located in the room under this existing roof and is vented through the roof. The water heater vent is now located within 8' of vertical surface( I'm considering the balcony a vertical surface since someone can stand at the rail) and should now terminate at least 2' above vert surface. Am I looking at this correctly? When I look at diagrams for compliance the vertical surface always shows a window and a person at the window. I can't find anything that states so many feet away from balcony that is next to the vent or that it must also be vented above the balcony. Thank you for your comments in advance.

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    Default Re: Water heater venting


    I think the 8 foot Vertical Surface would be because of the possibility of back drafting caused by the wall creating wind turbulence and not allowing the Gas Appliance to vent properly.
    I would be Much more concerned if That Roof was designed to handle the Load of the added Deck.

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    Default Re: Water heater venting

    This is from the NC Fuel Gas Code and seems to apply to your application.

    503.5.4 Chimney termination.
    Chimneys for residential-
    type or low-heat appliances shall extend at least 3 feet

    (914 mm) above the highest point where they pass through a
    roof of a building and at least 2 feet (610 mm) higher than
    any portion of a building within a horizontal distance of 10
    feet (3048 mm) (see Figure 503.5.4). Chimneys for
    medium-heat appliances shall extend at least 10 feet (3048

    mm) higher than any portion of any building within 25 feet
    (7620 mm). Chimneys shall extend at least 5 feet (1524 mm)
    above the highest connected appliance draft hood outlet or

    flue collar. Decorative shrouds shall not be installed at the
    termination of factory-built chimneys except where such
    shrouds are listed and labeled for use with the specific factory-
    built chimney system and are installed in accordance
    with the manufacturer's installation instructions.

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    Default Re: Water heater venting

    1. What is the slope of that roof ?

    2. it looks like there is not enough slope for the use of composition shingle ?

    3. The 4x4 deck support should have a flashing around it...




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