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    I was inspecting a home with radiant floor heat yesterday and found an area on the second floor of the home that was directly above the first floor utility/boiler room that did not have any radiant piping. I could see that they ran the piping around this area and along the wall. I don't recall seeing this before. Is this normal and intentionally designed this way?



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    My guess is that the installer/designer was counting on the heat from the utility/boiler room to heat the floor above. I am guessing it was planned rather than an "oops".

    A bit edgy though because there is no control for that space. If it is a utility space or hallway it might be ok. However if it's a bedroom or often occupied room it is going to overheat and under heat. Would have been better to provide piping and then insulate below it.

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    They will install in areas that need the heat. some closet or end of hallways Will not have the heat. the only way to see just the exact placement is with an IR Camera.

    I would not put I'm my report the location that hove or have not with out an IR Image.



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