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    Default Enclosed oil tank

    Is it acceptable to enclose an oil tank behind a cabinet wall section?
    There is only a small access to check the fill gauge.

    See the outlined area in the picture for the tank location.

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    Default Re: Enclosed oil tank

    NC Code Reference for oil tanks...

    SECTION 1309
    1309.1 Materials. Supply tanks shall be listed and labeled and
    shall conform to IJL 142 for aboveground tanks IJL 58 for
    underground tanks and 1JL 80 for inside tanks
    1309.2 Aboye-ground tanks. The maximum amount of fuel
    oil stored above ground or inside of a building shall be 660 gallons
    (2498 L). The supply tank shall be supported on rigid
    noncombustible supports to prevent settling or shifting
    1309.2.1 Tanks with buildings. Supply tanks for use inside
    ofbuildings shall be of such size and shape to permit installation
    and removal from dwellings as whole units. Supply
    tanks larger than 10 gallons (38 L) shall be placed not less
    than 5 feet (1524 mm) from any fire or flame either within or
    external to any fuel-burning appliance

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    Default Re: Enclosed oil tank

    see it all the time. Oil tank not visible for inspection, Access panel could not be removed. Owner did not make house ready for inspection. Recommend removal of panel for proper inspection of Oil Tank.
    If it's built in with no panel, the wall should be removed for access.


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