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    Default Sewer line thru return air duct

    Is it ok for a drain line from a bathroom to cross through the return air duct?

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    Default Re: Sewer line thru return air duct

    I see this all the time in older houses (and some newer ones too). It's not a good idea. If there is a leak on the drain line and into the return air duct, the air stream in the house and the return duct is now contaminated.

    Return ducts should be just that....return ducts for the HVAC system. Not chases to run wires or pipes.

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    Default Re: Sewer line thru return air duct

    The major problem with running a pipe thru a duct is the obstruction to the airflow. It was (probably) sized for a given flow and if you obstruct you may mess up that system as well.

    I like what Nick said, "return air ducts are for return air", or something like that.


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