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    Hello all, This is my 1st post so if I'm in the wrong area, forgive me please,. I need the age of a Comfortmaker Gas Furnace. Model No. G-H801-12M. Ser. No. 800357. This number does not jive with anything in Prestons or on-line. I've checked Comfortmaker, Heil, International Comfort. The house was built in 1983 so I don't think the age is 1980, but I could be wrong. Any help please?

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    Charlie, you can check things other than the serial number. There's a date printed on the gas valve, on motors, compressors, etc. Foil tape used on ducts has a date, etc. Not exactly a born on date, but good enough for me.

    BTW the word is jibe, not jive.


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