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Thread: SIngle wall?

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    Cool hit the wall?

    See the inverted bead rolled into the pipe near the joint with the unmottled pipe? That is usually indicates the seal on B-vent. They appear similar except the galvanized finish. You should see a listing sticker or embossing in the outer wall of the vent.

    I hope you wrote up this firetrap. Missing listed firestop' missing fireblocking; missing attic insulation shield; combustibles in direct contact with pipe; improper support; and depending upon your jurisdiction, they may not allow screws in B-vent. These are at the overlap but you should remove one or two to see how long they are. If they penetrated the inner liner, it all needs to come out.

    Any pics of what this gem is connected to or the vent termination?

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    Default Re: SIngle wall?

    Looks like the vent termination has less than 12 inches of height over the roof as well.


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