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    Default Oil tank vent clearances

    I know there are gas meter regulator relief vent clearances to features such as openings, electrical, etc. Is the same true for the vent for underground oil tanks. I would assume no, since it seems to me that the oil tank vent is to allow air to flow to the tank so a vacuum is not created.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Oil tank vent clearances

    This is the NC Mech Code says:

    1305.7 Vent piping.
    Liquid fuel vent pipes shall terminate outside

    of buildings at a point not less than 2 feet (610 mm) measured
    vertically or horizontally from any building opening.
    Outer ends of vent pipes shall terminate in a weatherproof vent
    cap or fitting or be provided with a weatherproof hood. All vent
    caps shall have a minimum free open area equal to the
    cross-sectional area of the vent pipe and shall not employ
    screens finer than No.4 mesh. Vent pipes shall terminate sufficiently
    above the ground to avoid being obstructed with snow
    or ice. Vent pipes from tanks containing heaters shall be
    extended to a location where oil vapors discharging from the
    vent will be readily diffused. If the static head with a vent pipe
    filled with oil exceeds 10 pounds per square inch (psi) (69 kPa),
    the tank shall be designed for the maximum static head that will
    be imposed.
    Liquid fuel vent pipes shall not be cross connected with fill
    pipes, lines from burners or overflow lines from auxiliary tanks.

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    Default Re: Oil tank vent clearances

    Gas water heater vents are required to be kept min 36" away from oil tank vents.
    So by reverse logic .........

    The fumes are considered to be flammable so must be kept away from an ignition source.

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    Default Re: Oil tank vent clearances

    Go here-


    NFPA 31-

    There's really not too many restrictions, must be outside, not within 2 feet of any opening, protected from physical damage, sloped towards tank; things like that.

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