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    Default Amana Furnace Age

    Hi, anyone know the age of this furnace? All my sheets under Amana list the B-L-A-C-K-H-O-R-S-E numbering system, none other.

    Model: GULA0700X30

    Serial # 0402751028


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    Default Re: Amana Furnace Age

    Amana (2003 thru Present)

    Date of Manufacture: The manufacturing date code is the first, second, third, and fourth digits of the serial number, and represent the Year and Month of manufacture.

    For example: 0402751028 indicate that the Amana Unit was manufactured in Feb 2004.

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    Default Re: Amana Furnace Age

    I thought that if the s/n started with a G that it is a Goodman under the Amana name. You might want to check Goodmans' numbering systems.


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