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    Default Cat IV Condensate

    Is there anything to worry about when using cast iron drain lines to get rid of the condensate from a Cat IV furnace? I was thinking about the acidity, and didn't know if that would affect the metal pipe at all, or will it get diluted enough with the rest of the water moving through the pipe?

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    Default Re: Cat IV Condensate

    My guess is that it will get diluted enough to keep anything from happening. Copper traps being eaten away by the condensate water has become an issue around here in condo buildings. As I've previously mentioned a local plumber has put together a PVC/gravel filter he sells to clients.
    Are we talking about cast stacks or cast in the basement floor? My bigger concern with this question would be, connection manner. Since older cast stacks generally aren't set up for non-conventional add-ons, is someone going to be drilling a hole in the side of a run and clamping on a saddle tee? Or are you referring to just running it into the basement floor drain.
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    I haven't gone looking for one in years, but there are condensate neutrazalation systems that work in conjunction with the High Eff furnaces. Go looking to manufactures for the equipment.

    The cast pipes will be affected by the condensate. Question is how long. You can dump acid down a cast drain to clear it but it is then washed out leaving only minimal effect. The condensate is like a drip on a rock to make an indentation, its all about time.


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