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    Default Unitary / York Air Conditioning products


    Can anyone tell me are Unitary / York Air Conditioning products aged the same way as a furnace? The 3rd letter in the serial number will represent the age?

    I currently have a unit with serial numbers of


    Wouldn't this be a 1996?
    The homeowners are stating this is only about 5-6 years old.

    Are there any charts for A/c systems to go off of for aging the units?

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Unitary / York Air Conditioning products

    Years ago, I was an HVAC retrofit salesman. I was sitting at the kitchen table, selling a nice older couple a central AC unit. Their Bryant gas furnace was obviously 20 years old. I said, "You're furnace looks like it is in pretty good shape, but they only last so long. I can install a new higher efficiency model when we're doing this AC unit, and it will save you nearly $1000 compared to replacing the furnace later."

    They looked a little shocked. The man spoke up, "That furnace is almost brand new," and his wife agreed.

    I said, "No offense now - I sell Bryant furnaces, and I know the models. They haven't made that model since the 60s. I wouldn't want you to think I was accusing someone of ripping you off, but if someone sold you that furnace as new, I don't think that is possible."

    I checked the model number, and sure enough it was over 20 years old.

    The man looked at his wife and said, "Well, we put that in before Johnny bought his Chevy truck, what year was that." She said, "And, it was before Kathy got married!"

    They started laughing, and finally realized they had installed the furnace over 20 years ago, and were still thinking that it was "brand new."

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    The 4th digit is the year starting approx. 2006, for serial #s starting with WOE. So WOE8886226, the age of this unit is 2008.
    Good luck,

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    Default Re: Unitary / York Air Conditioning products

    Thanks Wayne,

    So this is different than aging the furnace?

    Do you know of any A/C charts for aging.
    I have one for furnaces but no A/C systems.

    Thanks for your help


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