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    Default Whistling vent

    Just checking on this.

    When a steam system register vent has a whistle.

    Does this indicate that the vent is worn and in need of replacement, or is it ok as long as steam is not escaping?

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    Whistle is evidence that steam is being released and that is good. The valve is for presure relief which is needed in a high pressure system, safety release. If no escaping steem then system could blow up. Some valves will act as a air purge to allow a better flow of steam. Valve shuts when hot. It is all dependent on how your system was designed. Get a qualified plumber to check your system out including all valves.

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    Good steam vents tend to 'whistle' more. The cheapo ones at the big box store tend to 'piss' more.
    Good vents are pricey =/-$20 depending. The cheapo ones are like 5 or 6. Vents are also categorized/sized for where in the system they are. Main vent, intermediate run vent, vent way at the end of the run, etc.
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