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    Red face HVAC ceiling mounted units

    I am an inspector in Las Vegas and have encountered Heating/Cooling units (split system with the evap coils in the ceiling and condensing unit outside-some are heat pump systems and others are typ. refrig.units (electric) some are hydronic with supply from the gas HW heater). The manufacturer is First Co.
    These are typically converted apartment units now being sold as condos. Most are +/- 15 yrs. old.
    I am experiencing the same problems found in almost 50% of these type units.
    1. Not cooling at all or temps. are very low at registers.
    2. Not heating (hydronic units).
    The ones I find that have the most problems are the heat pump systems-not cooling. Any suggestons? My suspect is a bad reversing valve?
    The hydronic systems not heating I suspect may be a bad water pump?
    Any of you had experience with First Co. and these type systems? Would apprec. any advice. Thanks Brian

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    Default Re: HVAC ceiling mounted units

    I have seen a few in Phoenix, they have all worked though, if it doesn't work, i would just recommend they have a licensed HVAC company look at it, i stopped trying to figure out what was wrong with items.

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    Default Re: HVAC ceiling mounted units

    Also a vegas inspector
    Not a good idea to say what is causing the problem
    Just refer it to a licensed HVAC tech


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    Default Re: HVAC ceiling mounted units


    With those condo 'First Co.' units, you've usually got three (3) valves that need to be 'open' so hot-water will flow in a circuit from the water-heater to the FAU heater-coil and back to the water heater. A recirc-pump provides the pressure to power the loop. Two of the valves are above the water heater and one is in the FAU-cabinet; usually in the upper compartment (you've got to pull the FAU cabinet cover). Once the valves are all opened, and the recirc-pump running, you should get hot-water flow, provided the water-heater is ready-2-go.

    More questions? Call number is on the SNAPPI website members list.


    Glenn R. Curtis CMI
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    Inspecting Nevada since 1982

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    Default Re: HVAC ceiling mounted units

    As far as the hydronic, even when it works it is marginal.
    Around here, they sometimes shut off the hot water to the hydronic systems in the summer in a central boiler location that I can't access.
    Some have solenoid valves that fail regularly. Some have manual valves.
    Vegas, like where I am has hard water, the coils clog.
    They will keep you from freezing to death but that is about it.

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    Red face Re: HVAC ceiling mounted units

    Thanks for the replies so quickly..very good advice. I never give a possible reason for a problem encountered in my report-I always recom. having a qualified technician look at for further evaluation and/or repair(s) as needed.
    I've spoken with you Glen several times on the phone and you have always been so kind to offer your expertise and advise..I am aware of the cir. pump issue and the 2 valves typically seen at the WH, but am not sure of the valve you mentioned at the FAU ceiling unit. Is is visible? You mentioned removing a cover---what & where and is it typically a gate type valve (round type?).
    looking forward to hearing more.
    Brian Van Haselen


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