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    Default Condensation line

    This is the condensation relief from an interior mechanical closet with the unit sitting about 16" off the floor. The condensation line runs out of the unit, down, under the slab & pops out here. Is there any issue with the way this was run? (there is no condensation pump installed)

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    Default Re: Condensation line

    It keeps the soil against the house wet. Looks like the baseboard next to the furnace has a related issue.

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    Default Re: Condensation line

    looks a bit odd. but it is draining into gravel. Code here is to have a dry well. 6" pipe with gravel or discharge into flower bed is ok. So it would pass on those accounts.
    Does it have a device in the secondary drain to tun off the unit is the primary gets plugged up? A float switch device.


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