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    Question Fluepipe routed through ductwork

    Hello all,

    This is the issue. Here is a high efficiency forced air furnace and the exhaust fluepipe has been routed through the return duct above the furnace on its way to the outside. The fluepipe is a PVC plastic pipe.

    I had experience before with a draft induced furnace fluepipe routed through ductwork and I called it out as a problem and it was. The fluepipe in that instance was a metal pipe.

    I contacted the local building inspection department to get some clarification on this issue but havenít gotten a response yet. The home is approximately 15 years old.

    My question is that I want to confirm that this is an issue and wanted to know if it is written somewhere in the code and what the code says.

    I have included a couple of pictures.



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    Default Re: Fluepipe routed through ductwork

    IRC M1801.8 Duct penetrations: Chimneys, vents and vent connectors shall not extend into or through supply or return air ducts or plenums.
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    Beyond the obvious, you should also explain to your client, based on the pic, that there is a coupling joint located with that return cavity. Do you know that the glue joint is properly done and fully sealed? No, don't have x-ray vision? Then out it must come to avoid contaminating the system.
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    Default Re: Fluepipe routed through ductwork

    Thanks Markus. I did get a call back from the local building inspector and he confirmed the issue and the same reference you did. Ive always been able to get a faster response on Inspection News than ever with a direct phone call.

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    Default Re: Fluepipe routed through ductwork

    Are you sure that is not a sleeve thru the duct and that the vent pipe is not completely isolated from the air stream?


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