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    Default Length of PVC vent connector


    Inspected a home today with a 93+% efficiency gas forced air furnace. The 3'' schedule 40 PVC horizontal vent connector was over 42 feet long and vented out the sidewall of the home. The unit was in the basement of a very large home (unfinished) and the entire length was visible. I have never seen a PVC connector this long...ever. I can't find any info on the maximum length of a connector. The manuf installation instructions were there and i read them. It did not cover the max horizontal connector length just total height. It seems very long. It did say vertical was best option but nothing more. Any ideas or rules of thumb for total length of the connector?

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    Default Re: Length of PVC vent connector

    Very odd that it didn't have a horizontal chart. I always take a pic of the manuf label inside the unit. If you have the model #, look up the unit and find the install instructions. I think I've found all the ones I've looked for so far.
    42' is long but doesn't sound unreasonable. On long runs like that you have to count the elbows in the run. Each elbow decreases the overall allowable length. The horizontal chart will show allowable length versus number of elbows.
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