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    Is there a reason why the condensate line from the condensate pump is in pvc? I notice that in some instances the small diameter clear plastic tubing runs all the way to the outside and in other cases the pvc is run all the way to the outside. Just curious as to why the need for the PVC pipe.

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    I have seen a lot of instances where the plastic tube has collapsed or has accidentally been crimped shut causing the A-coil tray to over flow. I assume the main reason to use a rigid pipe is to avoid this.

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    Default Re: AC Condensate Line

    mon - friday till 12 pm pvc
    friday after 12pm plastic tube

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    Cool Re: AC Condensate Line

    The condensate drainage to the pump is gravity fed (1% grade). This means the slighest restriction such as algae or dirt can inhibit flow whereas the discharge of the pump is under positive pressure so a smaller diameter is allowed. In gravity systems with no pump, it should remain 3/4" pvc the whole way. One notable exception is the secondary heat exchanger, which is almost always a 1/2" rubber hose adapted to 1/2" pvc such as a 3/4 x1/2x3/4 pvc tee in the vertical riser to the pump.

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    Default Re: AC Condensate Line

    LOL Wayne! So true....!

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    Most condensate pumps are sold with a maximum lift which is based on the 3/8 tubing. Using larger diameter materials will drastically reduce the lift capability of the pump.


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