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    Default Termination of heating unit

    The attached pictures are of how a 90% trane forced air system and rheem powered vent water heater are terminated at the exterior of the home. The owner stated that the local building officals approved this installation. Does anyone have a contact number from trane? I would like to e-mail them and these pictures to comfirm whether this is a proper installation, which I believe it is not.

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    Cool Re: Termination of heating unit

    Don't have the contact number handy Rich but first of all, these terminations appear to be plastic dryer vent/ fart fan outlets with the backdraft dampers removed. I doubt any of them are approved as vent outlets for the attached appliances but maybe one of them as an air intake.

    A big question remains how the vent pipes are attached and sealed to these outlets.

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    Default Re: Termination of heating unit

    Neither do they appear to be 12" plus average snow cover above finished grade either.

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    Default Re: Termination of heating unit

    The lower one of the first 2 is a dryer vent, I believe. There is lint hanging out of it and on the concrete below it.

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