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    Default Furnace in the bedroom.

    Here's an example of the incredible stuff we find. A basement gas chamber.

    This antique oil burner furnace has been enclosed in a tight-fitting cabinet and the adjacent area is now a tiny bedroom. Combustion air is supplied by the grill in the door and another grill in the hallway. The lower grill in the hallway is heat.

    My clients plan to get rid of the furnace. In the meantime, I suggested sealing the grill in the door and leaving the hall door wide open or installing a louvered closet door there, or simply don't use the room for sleeping. There is a CO detector, but not in the bedroom. I think you would want a detector for oxygen depletion, anyway.

    The barometric damper is tilted down so it can't be working correctly either.

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    Default Re: Furnace in the bedroom.

    That is one very old furnace. Probably running at 60%.

    Sounds to me like getting rid of it is a good idea. The barometric damper, bedroom, etc., all become moot with that decision.


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