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    Default Boiler venting through sidewall

    Had a 1998 Boiler with a inducer on it. Have never seen one with an inducer and wondered if it is ok to be venting out a sidewall. Thanks

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    Default Re: Boiler venting through sidewall

    Shouldn't be a problem if done according to code and discharge isn't near a window. Your jurisdiction may have stricter codes. System controls would shut down boiler in event of failure of the draft inducer.

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    Default Re: Boiler venting through sidewall

    If the vent is under positive pressure then the venting must be listed to UL 1738. Otherwise, it is a problem as unlisted venting is not approved for positive vent pressure. You can put a power venter on the outside wall and use ordinary vent connector. You can use an 'inducer' that gets draft going but the draft does become negative as it warms up in about one minute. If it is a true power venter then it cannot be at the appliance unless as I first stated and that that unit is tested and listed for use with a power vent. Power vents must have a draft proving switch and must be interlocked to the gas control. Sidwall venting must be under positive pressure. If it measures negative vent pressure then it must vent vertically.


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