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    Default What has happen to common sense?

    Townhouse built in 2002, has a 2006 gas water heater(not direct vented) located in a 3x5 closet with wood louve bifold doors, sharing closet with a 3 ton air handler with air return inside closet, no combustible air other than inside townhouse. Water heater manufacturer's installation instructions, state not to locate near an air moving device, espeically devices that may create flow reversal of flue gases may increase carbon monoxide inside dwelling. One would think between building contractor, code official, HVAC contractor, plumber and gas piping contractor a red flag should have been raised.

    Tried to upload photo, but kept receiving error message.

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    Default Re: What has happen to common sense?

    It was misnamed to begin with.

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    Smile Re: What has happen to common sense?

    Common sense,not sure if it exists any more?

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    Default Re: What has happen to common sense? seams common sense is only valuable to those whom already possess it. A commodity unaffected by supply and demand.

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    Default Re: What has happen to common sense?

    I guess that common sense will be the next new course to be offered in schools, colleges, law schools and businesses. But how will it be tied to Ethics ? Will Common Sense 101 be the prerequisite to Your And Your Ethics 102 ? Or are the upper level courses like 301/401 ?


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