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    Default Wall mounted Heat pump on furnace ?

    Hi everyone,

    I noticed today a heat pump unit (the small one I usually see with wall mounted systems) hooked on a furnace duct system.

    The house is quite big 45 x 25 on 2 floors (basement and 1st floor) = 2250sq ft. Considering that I live in Montreal Canada, do you think this unit is powerful enough to heat the house ?

    The owner said it runs until - 12 celcius then it switches automatically to Oil furnace.

    I found the spanish product manual online with the unit model number ASW-H24B2, it says that it suitable for Maximum 47m2 (505sq ft).

    To compensate for the lack of heat, the owner has installed a second wall mounted heat pump for his bedroom only.

    Ive noticed a lot of cold spots on the floor specially and near the exterior walls...

    It an easy question but should I have this system checked by an HVAC pro ?

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    Default Re: Wall mounted Heat pump on furnace ?

    I would report that it appears to be rated for 505 sq ft and the house is XXX sq ft.

    I would recommend that the oil furnace be serviced and inspected, because I see juice has been running out of the vent pipe. Then the HVAC guy can confirm that the heat pump is way small.

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    Default Re: Wall mounted Heat pump on furnace ?

    Quote Originally Posted by John Kogel View Post
    I see juice has been running out of the vent pipe.
    What Flavor Juice?
    *primary heat would be oil furnace ( in need of service )

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    Default Re: Wall mounted Heat pump on furnace ?

    I am an HVAC novice (one year on the job, two years of school) AND I live in Atlanta Ga. So, this insight may or may not be helpful....

    Is is possible the two wall mounted heat pumps are mini split systems? It would make sense to use a heat pump - even in Alberta - for heat during the fall and spring when the full BTU of the oil fired system would be more than required? The split system used to heat only zones in the structure that are most often occupied?

    Also, I suspect the wall mounting was used in order to get the unit above the snow line?


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