So here I am after replacing the alternator and belt on the pontoon boat that my son said was running great, with not much more than kitchen utensils.

Daughter found a lake house to rent for the family reunion/vacation in SC. and after skinning my knuckles on the alternator I notice the gas water heater is in a closet that has no combustion or makeup air venting. To make matters worse, the water heater closet is in a 6X12 laundry room that has another closet at the opposite end of the room with the air-handler. Neither closet or laundry door is sealed so when the indoor fan is running (at the highest speed setting) air is whistling under all doors, including the water heater closet door. No CO detector in the house and the owner says there has never been a problem but did show concern.

How has this house not killed someone or made them sick I don't know!

I've blocked all of the doors open for the rest of the vacation so any headache should be due to bad food as I know the beer is good.