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Thread: 1968 Carrier?

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    Default 1968 Carrier?

    Is this really a 1968?

    Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Day & Night:
    Recently (last 20 years or so) 3rd and 4th digits in S# = year Through 1969, the first digit of the serial number indicates the year of manufacture.
    Example: 3xxxxxx = 1963, 1970 and later, a letter followed by a number indicates the month and year of manufacture.
    Example: A1 = January 1971, B1 = February 1971, C4 = March 1974 etc.

    Yes it's working.

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    Model No. 48DC005 Series No. 300 Serial No. 8554174
    Combination (Gas) Heating/(Electric)nCooling Unit, equipped for Natural Gas.
    Stainless Steel HE.

    Here's some goodies for your client:

    First is product specifications (New product model for 1967).
    Second is Wiring diagram, sequence, and operating instructions (1969 carrier tech svc book).
    Third is Service & Startup Instructions (1969 carrier tech svc book).

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    Default Re: 1968 Carrier?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Ozbirn View Post
    Is this really a 1968?
    Yes it's working.
    Not pretty, but impressive.


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