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    Default Uses of EN 12735-1

    Dear All

    can i use the copper tubes of (EN12735-1) for sanitary and gas piping installations ?

    Eng Ahmad Odeh

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    Default Re: Uses of EN 12735-1

    You want to use refrigerant line for gas and waste. Granted it is available up to 3 inch, but it is about what is acceptable to building codes and manufacture design and application. The EN12735-1 is a European Standard Copper line. Why not contact a local plumber?

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    Default Re: Uses of EN 12735-1

    You CAN do a lot of things you should NOT do. This is probably one of those things. What do your local codes specify?

    EN 12735-1 has a wall thickness similar to Type M copper tube - slightly thicker wall thickness at larger diameters and much thicker than drain, waste, vent (DWV) tube. Even out in the "boonies," it should not be used for gas (natural or otherwise) but would work for non-pressurized sanitary waste lines. I understand EN 12735-1 can be used for transmission of flammable laboratory and industrial gasses (methane, etc.), but is not approved for domestic fuel supplies.


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