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    Default A/C and Dryer Location

    Once again a builder vented the dryer 1 foot from the heat pump. Is there any code or installation instructions against this stupidity?

    Kevin Teitel
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    Default Re: A/C and Dryer Location


    I go over this problem with builders all the time. One large homebuilder here in Dallas insists on putting the dryer vent directly behind the condensing units.

    As far as code, I don't think so. I have never found it if it is.

    Have seen some of the installation papers on some of the newer condensing units stating that the dryer vent should be a minimum of (4) ft. from the unit.

    I state on my reports that when the dryer vent is located next to the condensing unit that it can reduce the effficiency of the unit and that lint will be drawn into the fins and will need frequent cleaning if the vent is not re-located.

    Do they ever take the advice? NO

    Go figure.


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    Default Re: A/C and Dryer Location

    Ditto what Rick said.
    Common sense, it ain't so common.

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas


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