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    Default Furnace Flex Line

    I always call out flexible gas lines passing through the furnace wall ( the usual warning about the sheet metal cutting through the flex due to vibration etc...). Wednesday I saw something new. About a 1/8 inch thick rubber grommet/feed through between the flex line and the furnace sheet metal. Does this make it O.K.? I thought that the gas line had to be hard pipe to the interior of the furnace.

    The seller has had annual maintenance done by a good local HVAC company and the furnace is a Lennox. No comments from the furnace experts. I hate to make this an issue if it is just something that I have been previously unaware of.

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    Default Re: Furnace Flex Line

    Somewhere I read that gromit is acceptable, and have always recommend iron pipe or gromit.

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    Default Re: Furnace Flex Line

    The grommet would protect the pipe from the sharp edges.


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