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    Default American Standard brand HVAC ?

    I am about to purchase a new AC system for my phone (condenser, evaporator coil, and gas furnace) for my home. The supplier is offering "American Standard" brand. I don't see a lot of this brand. I just randomly googled "American Standard AC units" and most of the reviews were negative. I realize that online reviews are taken with a grain of salt. Any of you guys have an opinion on this brand, and who makes it, etc?

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    Default Re: American Standard brand HVAC ?

    I see many of these during my inspections. I haven't owned one or have great experience with them. I think that they seem to be better than the generics like Roper and Goodman, but not as good as the upper end units like Lennox.

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    Default Re: American Standard brand HVAC ?

    Their both Trane products. See them frequently, the newer ones have all plastic AHU's (at least for our A/C climate).

    A leading consumer magazine rated HVAC a couple of years ago, here is a reprint:

    2014 Consumer Reports rates Trane among the best

    FYI, as I'm sure you already know, if you're not sure of the brand or vendor, chose another company and see what they offer.


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