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    Default Rheem Furnace date???

    I have looked all over for a date of this furnace. I know on Rheem's the date typically follows the letter "F". Here is the serial # C7D130423601. I was thinking it was the 36th week of 2001???

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    Default Re: Rheem Furnace date???

    I have not seen that type of serial number for Rheem products. Just as easily been 2004 if guessing.
    Did you look at outside unit for age? How about the evaporator coil tag?

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    Default Re: Rheem Furnace date???

    I start with the date of the house as a clue to max age:
    - newer house (5, 10 ,15 years old) with original unit and unit will be no older than the house
    - older house (15, 20, 25 years old) could still have original unit
    - older houses likely will have air conditioner units replaced, but may have original heating unit (some types)

    In addition to the serial number, look for any other date for max age - such as a standard it meets which likely has standard number and year ... example may be ANSI 1234-03 where the '03' would represent '2003'.

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