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    Default Gas furnace return air vent located next to gas water heater in the kitchen

    I inspected a 1920's house that had been remodeled- in the kitchen- there is a gas water heater in a closet- next to that there is a gas furnace that has a return air vent located below the furnace- My question is it okay to have the return air vent located in the kitchen- I've read the IRC code and it says something about return air vents in the kitchen but thats under the exception section- any suggestion on this one- i think its a bad idea- i have a gas furnace in one closet- a gas water heater in the next closet then a gas stove all along the same wall in the kitchen. Thanks you for help. IMG_3401.JPG

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    Default Re: Gas furnace return air vent located next to gas water heater in the kitchen

    I'm surprised that you didn't get any replies to this one, but of course I'm late in replying as well.

    I'm seeing in my Code Check book that you're not supposed to draw return air from a kitchen, in addition to several other places. It also confirms that a return shouldn't be within 10 ft. of the firebox or draft hood of a fuel burning appliance in the same room. (Is a different kitchen closet considered the same room? )

    It difficult to tell which closet is which from your photo, but it appears that both closets have registers in their doors. If the furnace closet register is the return air you mention, and the water heater closet register is for combustion air, then I'd think it quite plausible that the furnace return might suck water heater exhaust fumes in and distribute them throughout the home.

    I trust that you reported this as a possible hazard, and recommended further evaluation and correction as needed by a licensed or similarly qualified HVAC contractor.


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